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Welcome to Loads of Fun Laundry!!!



Loads of Fun Laundry features three different sizes of dryers and four different sizes of washers.

The smallest washer is about double the capacity of a normal home washer while the largest washer can fit approximately 80 pounds of laundry or eight baskets of laundry.


The facility is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week and features free Wi-Fi. All machines are Maytag equipped. 


The washers have locks so once a load begins, it's safe to leave for the duration of the wash to run errands.

When the cycle is over the door will open.

The dryers have full cycle drying suggested by the Maytag manufacturer. After a few moments, the dryer will heat up, then the dryer uses a higher temperature before switching to a cooldown. It helps your clothes from being really wrinkled and provides for optimal drying.


The 80 pound washer is capable of washing items that would be hard to clean otherwise. You can use it for sports equipment, camping gear, comforters, and rugs!

All of the washers at Loads of Fun Laundry are front-load machines. These machines use less soap and they produce a better clean. They are also gentler on clothing.

Credit cards are accepted and different soaps and cleaners are available for purchase. There are also vending machines to get a snack.

A special deal runs on Wash Wednesdays when the 20 pound washers are $0.50 less.


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